Hello world! It’s me Rachel

I started writing, when I was about six years old. Short stories, oddly enough mostly horror, or cheap fan fiction rip off’s of Disney Movies. I wrote a follow-up to Fern Gully, right after seeing it in the theater for the first time. When I read the Addy series of American girls, it sparked an interest in the Civil War and I wrote a story about a little slave girl from Kenya.

Most of these, sadly written stories I still have. As I grew, so did my writing, from ten page shorts to long novels. Currently I have finished five novels, that because of a serious lack of self-esteem will not see the light of day until after I am gone. Perhaps someday these books will be expensive collectors items. Rachel Lynn Robinson originals.

Last September I tried out a new website. Hub Pages, and I liked it a lot. Three months into it I have a hundred plus fans, as well as some amazing numbers on some of my writing. When I received an e-mail from a Conservative group I belong too, about the Food Safety bill, I wrote up a short article, that I figured wouldn’t get much attention. At last count it had over nine thousand hits. This blew me away. Someone, or rather a lot of someone’s have been reading my writing.

Well I am still on hubpages; and now I am on WordPress, three times over. In the coming year, I will try to keep all of my writing sites updated daily, with substantial posts, I hope to meet and make the kind of friends on WordPress that I have on HubPages, I hope to announce soon that my latest work of Fiction Two Tenths will be out in print soon. I have a lot of hopes and dreams for 2011, and look forward to sharing them with all of you.

God Bless, and good day.