Becoming a “CEO” Chief Encouragement Officer

Things have not been great lately. I lost my father over Thanksgiving last year, and life has just generally been a drag. During the election cycle rather than listen to the constant barrage of political ads I switched to the Christian music station, and the other night on my way to school I heard the term “CEO” Chief Encouragement Officer, for the first time. It got me thinking, we could all use a little encouragement in our lives.

I am reminded at this time of a verse in Psalms, 28:7 The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him. We are told to be in constant praise of the Lord, to pray not for things we need or want, but to pray a thanksgiving for what we have. At least that is how I have been taught my whole life to pray.

Yet, when it comes to times like now, when as a people we are faced with immeasurable hardship it is important to find encouragement wherever we possibly can. For some that will be in the Good Book, and others will be able to find it in their churches, through their families, yet still others may find it hard to locate the encouragement they need to get through these dark times. For them, and anyone who is interested I am suggesting that we need to find a way to all become our own CEO, for us all to find a way not only to encourage ourselves, but others we meet along the way who may not be able to find the encouragement they so desperately need to go forward.

As you go forward today, this week and this year let’s look for a way to find encouragement, not only for ourselves but for others. If you would like to share your stories of encouragement please feel free to leave me a comment and we will find a way to make sure that everyone becomes a CEO.