Free Birth Control for all

    So as an advocate for Pro-Life issues, I hear almost on a daily basis that abortion would go down drastically if only women had access to free birth control. In fact it is probably one of the most popular arguments from the pro-choice crowd. Free birth control equals less abortions and if Pro-life people wanted to really put a stop to abortions they would simply make birth control free and readily available. Tied into that argument of course is the fact that many pro-life advocates are either Conservative, like myself, or Republican and thus have fought tooth and nail against Obamacare and this mythical free birth control. I call it mythical because even if somewhere in Obamacare there is the promise for “free” birth control it is one of the many lies. There is no such thing as “free” birth control any more than there is a free lunch. Someone has to pay for it. When someone on the pro-choice side makes the argument that if only we had access to free birth control what they are really saying is that if only someone else would pay for the birth control then there would be less abortions.

    Who should pay for it? The employer? The taxpayer? Who exactly should pay for my birth control other than of course me. If I demand free birth control then I am essentially demanding that someone else pay for it. Perhaps the manufacture should pay, after all it is there product and they are multi-billion dollar companies. The same could be said for the pharmacies that carry it. Perhaps since they are so wealthy they should be made to pay for it. These might sound like ridiculous examples, hopefully they sound like ridiculous examples, because seriously are we going to expect the pharmacy simply to give away free birth control or even expect for the manufacture to give it away for free? If not, if we say well that is ridiculous to expect a pharmacy or manufacture to simply give it away then where do we justify expecting an employer to pay for it? How come we want our employers to provide not only a living wage but also free birth control? Why is it that we are holding our offspring hostage against this argument of if only my employer would pay for my birth control I wouldn’t be forced to kill my young.

    That again might sound kind of ridiculous, the pro-choice crowd may even get angry and say that is not what they are wanting. However when the demand for free birth control is made then that is exactly what is being said. We are essentially placing a gun to our offspring’s head and saying that if someone doesn’t pay for our birth control then we will be forced to kill our young. When did we as a nation become so selfish? As a pro-life advocate it is not a matter of saying I don’t want to pay for your birth control, it is a matter of saying why are you holding your own children hostage against this notion that it is someone’s responsibility to provide for your enjoyment.

    No strings attached sex has become really popular, and that is fine until you start making the demand that someone else pay for you to be able to play. As long as there is a demand for free birth control make no mistake there is a demand that someone else foot the bill for you to have fun. Personally I do not care what anyone does in the privacy of their own home or who they do it with, despite popular belief that conservatives are nosey and want to make rules and who can do what with whom. The only thing I care about is not footing the bill, and stopping the massacre of innocent children. It shouldn’t be an either or deal though, it shouldn’t be that if I don’t foot the bill for you to have sex then I have to live with the knowledge that you will kill your young.


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