Mourning Foley

Reporter James Foley

As a nation mourned yesterday for a punk that split open the eye of a police officer prior to being shot and killed no one took a moment of silence for our fallen reporter. We flooded social media with a call to awareness when actor Robin Williams ended his life and yet remained silent when ISIS beheaded James Foley. These stark examples of a double standard are shameful. Why are we impressed with a man who chose to die but silent for a man who had his life taken from him? Why do we honor and memorialize a street thug but turn a blind eye toward acts of terror? Was 9-11 that long ago?
President Obama’s brief response to Foley’s beheading had some applauding his quick reaction while others left feeling hollow and empty. Should he have returned to the White House? Made a speech in front of congress? Could he call for a stern reaction? Any reaction at all? It is not just the President’s reaction to Foley though; it is how American’s in general reacted. We changed our picture to Robin Williams, played all his old movies and reminisced about how he changed our lives, yet when did we bother to learn more about who James Foley was? Did we learn what brought the reporter to Iraq? Read any of his old writing? Were we compelled to change our avatars to represent this man?
I was at the grocery store tonight and saw a man wearing a Robin Williams shirt. It honestly bothers me. We lost three actors this month, the great and wonderful Lauren Bacall, Robin Williams, and Richard Attenborough. We glorify Williams, who died not from some horrible calamity, but by his own hand.
So while the country mourns Michael Brown and Robin Williams I am going to take a moment of silence for James Foley and reflect for a moment the kind of man he must have been.


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