Some days it seems like all I do is make justifications. Why do I homeschool, why do I have three children instead of two. Why, why, why…Why should I justify myself to you? No, I am serious, why should I justify myself to you? The question was raised last week about homeschool. As I was drawn into this conversation the main thing the other person wanted to know was what my justifications were. Which then made me wonder, why I should justify homeschool to them or anyone for that matter. Homeschool moms and students all know what I am talking about, that moment when we are put on the defensive and have to explain to someone, most likely a stranger why we decided to homeschool.
It is not just home education that I am constantly defending. Vaccinations are another hot button topic. Do you find yourself defending your decision to vaccinate? What about defending your decision not to vaccinate? Do you ever wonder why these people have so much free time? What about circumcision. I was floored when I learned what a huge issue this is. First of all, my child’s body is none of your business so do not even ask if either of my sons are circumcised. Secondly, that mother over that that you are reprimanding for not circumcising, the same argument applies, her child’s body, none of your business. The mom who chooses a circumcision, can you guess where this is going? That is right it is still none of your business.
My point is this, we Mom’s spend a lot of time justifying decisions to total strangers. We agree to do things a certain way with our spouses and then they go off to work and we are left having to defend those decisions. No, I do not have to justify any choice I made for my children to you or anyone else. No, my child does not have a say in major life decisions, they are 6,2, and nine months respectively and therefore in my opinion incapable of making major life decisions. If children were able to decide things such as circumcision, vaccinations, and where they go to school then there would be no need for parents, our young could survive on their own without us. However, from a biological standpoint we can all agree that our young require parents to care for them. Part of that care means making those tough decisions like what they are allowed to do with their bodies until they reach such an age where they are capable of making that decision on their own. Where they go to school, church, and who they spend their time with is also up to us as parents. Please stop asking me to justify my decisions, and I will do the same for you.


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