You Have an Opinion, How Nice

The internet is a great place to get into arguments with complete strangers. It is easy to be hateful and rude because you can keep your anonymity. Recently a pro-life page started ranting about homosexuality, and how hard it is for homosexuals to adopt. Anyone and everyone who said that they felt homosexuality was wrong was attacked. The post started off attacking and putting these people on the defensive, if they had an opinion that went against the mainstream they were the problem. Once put on the defensive and left to respond more posts popped up, calling these individuals out. Have an opinion, how nice, just be sure that you do not go against the political correct craze that has taken over.
For the purposes of honest and upfront discord, I do not believe in homosexuality. I do not believe that homosexuals exist in every facet of life. I do not believe that gigantic billboard that screams “Someone you love is gay.” I do not support homosexual marriage, and I do not believe that a couple should be allowed to adopt just because they are homosexual, I also do not believe that homosexuals have a hard time adopting. That was the point of the pro-life post. That it is one thing to be pro-life and to want an end to abortion but we must also support and fight for homosexuals to be allowed to adopt.
Personal experience has shown me at least in the Bible belt where I reside that homosexuals have no problems adopting. The adoption foster care class that my husband attended had a lesbian couple in it, and a Christian couple. The Christian couple was told that they would not be allowed to adopt when they expressed outrage that there was a homosexual couple in the class. The social worker explained that their attitude toward homosexuality was not healthy and that they were not a good match for the adoption foster care program. So much for being allowed to have an opinion, you can, of course, have one if it agrees nicely with the PC crowd, how is that for equality?
That is part of the reason I am writing this post. Not to see how much outrage I can stir up; I am sure that there will be a few people who find my opinion wrong, who will attack me for it. The thing is we should all be allowed an opinion, and there are no wrong opinions. If you find my words to be offensive, that is your opinion of them, it is not wrong though any more than my opinion is wrong. If we all thought, felt, and said the same things how boring life would be. Without differing opinions, we would have no art, no music, no writing. Life would not be worth living if we all agreed on everything, we need these differing opinions to grow. Shouting down the opposition or telling them, they are uncaring or calling them names is no way to win an argument. My opinion about homosexuality aside, I think you will find that I am not a bad person. Perhaps through open discourse, through discussion that limits the name calling I can persuade you to see things my way, or perhaps you will be able to persuade me to see things your way. You won’t, however, win me over, by telling me that I am hateful, or that my words spew hate, just because my opinion differs from yours.


To the complete and total strangers at Costco:

Another common sense look at large families, and she writes so well, I only wish I was this talented.

Chewing Crayons

Dear complete and total strangers at Costco,

I know you watched as we navigated our vehicle into the crowded parking lot.  You stood in awe as we wedged our trendy 15 passenger mega-van into a parking space between a 2 door Miata and a very roomy shoe box- on-wheels deemed a Smart Car. You saw us attempt to unload our family with as much class, decorum and organization as we could humanly muster… and 23 minutes later file toward Costco with our seven *progeny and three carts for our weekly shopping trip.

I can only imagine your thoughts as one wailing child donned an open-toed sandal on his right foot and a rubber boot covered in duct tape on the left. You correctly saw that a second child was wearing pajama pants that are at least three sizes too short, paired with a faded Thomas The Train pajama shirt, because…

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Kids Aren’t Expensive, But That Other Thing Sure Is

Here is a little bit of common sense from another blogger.

This House Is Our Home


My husband and I have always wanted a lot of kids. (Of course, “a lot” is a relative term, depending what your social circles look like, but for the purpose of this post, we’re going to call “a lot” more than 3. Ha.) Over the last 6 years, when we’ve made our feelings known, we’ve often been met with one particular phrase: Kids are so expensive!!

Well, on the one hand, I suppose they are. Depending on your particular situation – medical bills, dental care, school tuition, etc. all definitely add up. So I’m not trying to be flippant with what I’m about to say, but I do think it’s an important distinction to be made when one is saying how “expensive” children are.

Kids aren’t expensive. Greed is.

Kids don’t “need” designer clothes, Etsy outfits, brand new everything, more shoes than they can wear before they grow out of…

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