Fly the Friendly Skies

By now everyone on the internet has seen United Airline’s faux pas with their passenger. What shocks me is the sheer number of people who blame the passenger. Let me clarify first by saying that even one person saying; he was to blame, is one person to many. However, it isn’t just one person, and the excuses run the gamut from, his past criminal history to the almost laughable “he must think he is entitled.” Entitled to what? What did he pay for? Aren’t  we all entitled to what we’ve already paid for?
I thought I would start there because it rubbed a raw nerve with me. Imagine if you will that you enter a restaurant. You order and pay for your food, and just as you are about to eat it, the manager comes over and informs you that someone else wants your food, that you paid for. Sure they offer to reimburse you, but you are hungry. You don’t want to wait for another table at another restaurant. You don’t want to order again and wait for fresh food to come out. It’s not the amount of money they offer; it is the notion that you already paid for the food in front of you and you shouldn’t have to wait for something else or settle for less. It’s not an entitlement, after all, you’ve paid for what you’ve received, and now they want to take it away. If you refuse, if you say no thank you or even if you say a less kind F off, does that entitle management to call the cops to rough you up?
Under the same scenario above, you’ve refused to give up your dinner for someone else, and the cops are called out. They rough you up and find out later that you are a convicted criminal who did your time and have regained your job and your life. Now after this incident at the restaurant it comes out that more than a dozen years ago you committed a crime, should that justify the actions of the restaurant manager and police?
Ideally, the situation would never have taken place. However, in our ever judgmental world of keyboard warriors, it seems easy to say how wrong the passenger was. We forget that if it could happen to him a convicted felon who did his time that it could happen to someone who has never broken the law, who simply was too tired to give up their seat or give up their dinner, and entitlement has nothing to do with it.